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Q: How do I customize a buddy icon?
A: Select an icon and type your custom text in the input boxes provided. The second box is optional.

Q: The text I've provided doesn't fit. Can I make it smaller or shrink it?
A: No. Instead try using abbreviations.

Q: What is a BadassBuddy icon?
A. Have you been living in a 3rd world country with no Internet access for the last 5 years? BadassBuddy icons are buddy icons that don't suck.

Q: What's up with the tiny scribble at the bottom right of my icon?
A. That helps us keep track of our icons. If you look real close, it reads 'bib'.
...And if you look REALLY close, it reads 'Buddy icon Builder r0x w00t'

Q: Why do I have to install Zango (by clicking 'Run' twice) before getting my buddy icon?
A: Zango will help you surf the web better, and if you change your mind about using it, you can Uninstall it just as easily as any other program.

Q: What are your thoughts on Michael Jackson?
A: Self-proclaimed or not, he is the King of Pop.
...even if he does a little touching.
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WANTED is looking for a talented new buddy icon maker for our team!

If you think you've got what it takes to be on Team Badass, send 3 original buddy icons (NOT ones you made here) to TeamBadassATBadassBuddyD0Tcom. - #1 buddy icon site - more buddy icons! - LOL away messages
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